Monday, January 16, 2012

Shark In The Park

Before Christmas we read a story called, Shark in the Park in which a little boy named Timothy Pope is looking through his telescope in the park and is sure he keeps seeing a shark. The lens of the telescope is an actual hole in the pages of the book, and as each page is turned the fin of the shark turns out to be something quite ordinary like a cat's ear, a crow's wing, and even his dad's Elvis-style haircut. 

This book was used to help us learn the reading comprehension strategy of  inferring. As an extension of this book and a tie in to our ITLS Standards (Instructional Technology & Learning Standards) we used the digital cameras to take picture of an ordinary object up close and at normal range. Each child then had to tell what they thought they say when looking at the up close object and then tell what they actually saw. We took our ideas and typed them in MS Word and also learned how to insert our pictures into a document. Along with the other first grade classes, we will put all of our ideas into a large class book which will be shared with the entire school.
See below for just a few of our ideas...

Can you guess what this is?

Mr. Sufka's tie of course!

How about this one?
Ayden thought he saw a Captain's hook at Glenbrook School...

but it was just a door handle!!

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