Saturday, January 7, 2012

Rocket Math

I hope this post will help you to understand our "Rocket Math" program a bit better....

In 1st grade, we use a program called, "Rocket Math" to build math fact fluency. Each day we spend time practicing our basic addition facts. Our goal is to master these facts (a fact is mastered when it can be answered quickly without any pause_ "Rocket Math" is unique becasue it teaches only 2 facts and their reverals at a time (2+4 and 4+2)  The program is individualized and allows each child to go at his/her own pace, taking as many days as needed to master those 2 facts. Each morning your child takes a 1-minute timed test to show if they have mastered their facts for the day. If they get their individualized goal, they move on to the next set of 2 facts. If they do not, they try again the next day.

If your child did not pass their test, they will bring their sheet home marked homework. Please have them complete the remaining problems and return it to school the next day.

Here is a link where you can print off additional practice sheets that correspond with the level that your child is working on.

If you have any additional questions, please don't hesitate to call or email!

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