Wednesday, January 4, 2012


In math we have been working on measuring. We have done several "experiments" to help us realize the importance of using a standard unit of measurement. We found out that when measuring with our feet that my measurements were much different than their measurements. We had a good discussion on why this was true. We also have been talking about why it is so important not to be sloppy in our measuring skills.

This week in the computer lab we went to a website called Fuel the Brain to play a game called Inchy Picnic. In this game, students need to choose the best path to get to the picnic by measuring their way along the path.

Later this week, we will be practicing our math facts on a great website called Jet Ski Addition.  This is a multi-player game where students practice their math facts. They can play against the computer or with students from around the world. How quickly the student correctly answers the jet ski addition problems determines how quickly their jet ski will go. We had fun doing this in the computer lab this week and racing against each other!!
Click on the colored links above to go to the sites and try them at home!

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