Tuesday, April 3, 2012

What's your favorite color jelly bean?

On Monday, we and the rest of the 1st graders graphed our favorite color jelly beans. We then used the data from the pictograph to create a bar graph represetation and then analyzed our information.
Personally,  I'd like to know- If red is so popular why can't you buy a bag of just reds? Seems funny you can buy a bag of blacks- hmmm...look where black fell on the graph. Sooo.....
What is your favorite color of jelly bean?
Could you please take our survey in the sidebar and let us know?

Checking to see which color had the most votes
Filling out our graph


  1. Your graph is fantastic! I just submitted my vote. I chose the pink ones. There's a company out there called Jelly Belly that makes all sorts of different flavors with different colors. Some of their pink ones taste like bubble gum. They've also got flavors like strawberry shortcake, banana split, and peanut butter and jelly. YUM!!! Keep up the great work first grade! ;-)

  2. Great work first graders! I took the poll. My favorite jelly bean is green! Yum! Keep up the good work!
    -Jennifer Jarock (Allie's Mom)

  3. I love the graph! I chose red for my favorite color jelly bean. Great job! Have a happy Easter first grade.

    Kathy Giesau (Natalie's mom)

  4. I hade a grat time doing the jelly bean graph weth all of you my favorite color jelly bean is... green!
    your good frind Natalie

  5. My favorite color and flavor is orange. It is such a happy color!

    "Orange you glad" I did your poll?

    Your teacher's friend,
    Mrs. Slowey