Friday, October 5, 2012

Building Writing Stamina

We have been working hard to build our stamina for 2 more of "our dailies", Work on Writing and Word Work. 
During our Work on Writing time, students are given the opportunity to write on topics of their choice. They may write stories, letters, create lists, make books, or even write in one of our six topic journals. These journals each have a specific topic and students may chose to write in them anytime they have a story to share on that topic. These journals will be great fun to not only write in but to also read the entries that others make!

We have also learned how to use Whisper Phones this week. These PVC pipe phones help students to hear themselves better when stretching words out by capturing students' voices and directing it to their ears versus losing the sound out in front of them. They  also help us to keep our voices lower as 17 kiddos stretching words at the same time can get rather loud at times. Please encourage your child to write at home and to stretch words out that they don't know how to spell. Encourage them to write all the sounds that they hear and don't be overly concerned at this time of year if they miss some of the letters. I often times will pick one or two things to point out to them to fix so that we are constantly learning but don't try to fix everything, as this can many times be demotivating for students who are just learning to get their thoughts on the paper.

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