Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Stretching words like bubble gum

Yep, you read write... we stretched words out just like bubble gum! 

Guess it was a long word we were stretching!
We've been talking about how good writers stretch words out and listen for the sounds that they hear in words they don't know how to spell. This can be a bit of an abstract concept for kiddos so I brought it down to their level by literally stretching words out with bubble gum. This was a fun and motivating activity that has carried over well into our writing.(Don't worry- we all promised to NEVER EVER do this at home unless we are using out invisible bubble gum)
This is us practicing our new skill as we work
as a whole group to write a story.

When your child is writing at home and doesn't know how to spell a word, ask them to show you how they would stretch it like bubble gum.
Applying the stretching technique to
 independent writing

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