Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween fun!

I want to start today's post by first saying THANK YOU to everyone who sent in ingredients for our Yuck Soup! We had a great time mixing all of our "Yucky" ingredients together, and had even MORE fun eating it!

Today was a day full of learning, but we found ways to put a Halloween twist on what we were doing. During math workshop we did our unit review Halloween style on the SMARTboard with Halloween themed word problems.

The letter that the Candy Corn Bandit left us
In reading, we have been focusing on asking questions and predicting. Boy, did we get a dose both of those skills today when the Candy Corn Bandit stole our jar of candy corn from right under our noses and then left us clues around the building to try and find our treat. We had a great time reading the clues and inferring and predicting where we should go next and why we thought that. 
Taking pics of our clues

We documented our adventure with our iPads as well and will be  using our pictures on Friday to create a collage using an app called, Pic Collage. Our focus when doing that will be to retell the story while also sequencing the events. We're hoping to have email on our iPads in the next several days so once our Pic Collage creations are completed, we'll email you a copy. 

We finally found our candy corn!

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