Thursday, November 8, 2012

Field trip fun!

Firefighters for a day! Don't they look great?
Crane operators. This took a lot of skill!
In the DaVinci art area. What a great smile!
What a fantastic day of learning and fun today on our field trip to the Building for Kids! I wish I had more pictures to share of all the kiddos and the adventures they had but I was busy with my own group of 4 explorers so tried to catch as much as I could when we would bump into the other groups. Be sure to ask your child about their adventures today and if you've never been to the museum, I highly recommend it! I am planning on going back with my boys sometime soon. It was amazing with so much to do and something for everyone!

Learning about the 7 continents for our class

In addition to exploring the museum, we also took a class that tied in with our social studies curriculum on maps. We learned about the 7 continents and then each group was given a continent to design. Groups used their atlas to locate attractions and products of their continent and then used various art supplies to represent their continent. The final creations were awesome! We will be displaying them at school at some point and adding on to our learning with some more research.
Designing Africa

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