Tuesday, December 4, 2012

We've got email

Setting up email
Last week we installed email on our iPads. In addition to accountability, my primary purpose for using email is so students can have an authentic audience for their work. As students work on projects to enhance their learning, they will be able to share their work with me, and eventually with you as well, through email. In addition to sharing their work, we are also using it to help us with our letter writing and reading skills. Each morning I have been sending the students a quick email with a piece of information and a question. They are then asked to reply back to my question via email helping them to learn to maneuver through email while also helping them to write and stretch words out.
Please know that I have strict rules about using email and currently students are only allowed to email me. Eventually, I will share their email addresses with you and you will have the option to write your children brief emails as well and they will be able to reply as well as send you copies of their work with your permission. I do periodically check email accounts as well as internet, and app history to be sure students are being responsible with the use of their iPad.

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  1. That is very good move! Using email on this way will help both, you and the students.