Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Smooth as creamy peanut butter

Sorry to say this will be a picture-less post.

In reading, we have been talking about how readers read like they are talking. I have used the word fluency with the kiddos, but more often than not, I refer to it as "reading like you're talking" or to give a visual to it, "read as smooth as creamy peanut butter". Today, to help  make that visual real for everyone, we made toast and spread it with peanut butter so we could see how creamy and smooth it gets when it is on warm toast. There were lots of ooohs and ahhhhs as we watched and as we nibbled on a small piece as well. 
As you are reading with your child at home, remind them to read smooth as creamy peanut butter and .... don't be surprised if your child asks for toast with peanut butter for breakfast. There were a lot of kiddos that said they were going to ask for it.  

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