Thursday, October 10, 2013

People, Places, and Things...NOUNS!

Today we tackled a creation-based technology project. Today's project revolved around learning about nouns. 
We started by talking about what nouns are and then sorted pictures into the 3 categories. 

Next, we watched the School House Rock video, Nouns. Ahhhh... the memories. I use to love School House Rock videos on Saturday mornings when I was kid (I may have aged myself with that comment) Check it out with your child by clicking the link above.

After these 2 activities,we got ready for the tech-integrated portion of the learning. Partners took their iPads and the Noun Scavenger Hunt sheet and walked around our room and hallway to take pictures of the 3 different types of nouns. 

When we got back to the room students were introduced to the app, PicCollage. We started by inserting our title and the 3 subheadings.  We then walked through how to add the pictures that they took. Kiddos had to again sort, but this time with their own pictures. 

In the end, the PicCollages turned out wonderfully. I will upload some pics soon as the kiddos devices do not yet have an easy way to share their creations as our email accounts are not yet active.

*UPDATE* Here are a few of the PicCollages that were made.

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