Thursday, December 5, 2013

Doubles! Doubles! 6-10 version

In our current math unit we are working on doubles facts as a math strategy. We will be building on this strategy by learning doubles +1 and doubles +2 facts as well. Currently kiddos are doing well with doubles facts to 5 but are struggling with facts 6 through 9. We will be playing several different games to help us better understand and know these facts in addition to using the Doubles Rap above.
Today we also built doubles facts with graham crackers and chocolate chips. This was blast and for many it really helped by enabling them to physically manipulate the doubles facts. Of course when we were done, we had to enjoy our delicious doubles as well!
We also used pictures of real life items to make associations with doubles facts. Please continue to work on the abstract piece of doubles facts at home (the flashcards) whenever you can to help make the connection from the concrete (our pics and domino building) to the abstract (the number respresentation)

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