Wednesday, December 11, 2013

We have an elf!

We have had an unusual visitor in our class for the past few day, an elf named, Sonic. Each day, our elf finds a new place in our classroom to hide. Today he left us an interesting message as you can see in the picture. We decided that he was trying to tell us, "I love notes" (post-it notes that is) We talked about the difference between writing a letter to someone and just jotting them a note. We also figured that Sonic wanted us to write to him as there were 19 post-its on the board and there are 19 of us in the room so we all wrote him a note and placed them under the tree that Sonic brought us earlier in the week. Ask your child about where he put the tree. We think our elf is a good elf, however, everytime he does something nice for us, there is always another side to it. For example, he left us the notes which we thought was very nice, however, he put them all over the SMARTboard which meant that we couldn't use it right away this morning. Hmmm... what do you think? Nice elf? or Naughty elf?

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  1. Our elf is silly. Our elf brought us a Christmas tree and sat on it at school- Jakob