Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Which number is greater?

In math we have been working on understanding that numbers are made up of 10s and 1s. We have been building numbers and now are comparing numbers with our concrete models so we can visually see how 32 is larger than 17. This seems like a very basic concept for us, but for children, numbers are often very abstract and although they may know that the number is larger, they may not realize why.

We have been using base 10 blocks and cubes to show numbers but have also been using virtual base 10 blocks (Number Pieces Basic which is a free app) and also drawing representations of the blocks with a drawing app (MaxDoodle)  on the iPad. You can see representations of both in our pictures.

Today kiddos had to represent numbers and also prove how they knew one was larger than the other. They could choose how they wanted to show it. It was great to see them take ownership not only of their learning but of how they felt most comfortable showing what they knew. As we finished, kiddos had the opportunity to come up and explain their thinking. I am excited by the growth I am seeing not only with everyone's ability to show what they know and explain their thinking but also with their use of technology and choosing the right tool/app to do the job.

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