Monday, March 31, 2014

Science, Organisms, and Padlet

Today we began a new science unit all about the study of organisms. We will be learning about living and nonliving things, building habitats and so much more. This is a very hands-on unit and is usually a class favorite every year.

Today before we started, kiddos scanned a QR code which took them to an empty Padlet wall. Once there, each child used their own iPad to add as many living /nonliving things as they could to the wall. Below is what our wall looked like once everyone had added to it. We then discussed their answers and how they knew that things were living or not. We had some interesting discussions... such as kids thought that birds were living things because they flew, but we don't fly and we are living things.

After discussing their ideas we discussed the real indicators- Living things ave a beginning and an end to their life cycle, they grow and change, and they can make more (reproduce). Ask your child if they can remember the 3 things.

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