Thursday, April 24, 2014

Building terrariums

Squishing and mixing

We have been busy, busy, busy!! This week we worked to build our woodland terrariums. This activity is part of our Organisms Einstein Kit. As you can see from the pictures we had many steps to follow to make our habitats just right for the various organisms that we will house in them. We started by laying a layer of gravel and ripped up paper toweling. Next we had to prepare the soil. Everyone got a chance to squish, stir, and mush the mixture until it was just the right consistency. We then added the soil as the top layer to our terrarium. Students then observed 2 different organisms: moss and pine seedlings before planting them in the terrariums. We will be taking care of these plants for a couple of weeks and if we are successful we will be adding critters to our habitats as well. Wait til you see what's going in next!!
Teamwork for the final squish

Recording observations about moss

Observing a pine seedling

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