Sunday, April 27, 2014

Continent research

During our writer's workshop, we have again been working on informational (research-based) writing. During Spanish, we have been learning the names of the continents and their locations so it seemed only fitting to dig in a bit more to find out some special facts about each one. To do this, each child had a partner or two and they chose a continent that they both wanted to learn more about it. They then read a book about their continent and took notes. They then wrote a paragraph which included a topic sentence, details (their facts) and a wrap up sentence about their continent using their information. We are now working to rewrite our pieces on paper shaped like the continent we researched. When we are done, we plan to hang them up in the hallway in the correct locations to create a gigantic map of the world. Be on the lookout for our information next time you come visit. My hope is to have them up in time for the spring concert.

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