Monday, December 8, 2014

Busy, busy, busy during Daily 5

Whew! Where did time go? Sorry for the late update on the blog... we've been crazy busy and I've forgotten to take pictures of some of the special things that we have been doing. 
I managed to eek out a few extra minutes today to go around and take a few pictures of activities that your children are participating in during our Daily 5 time. Each day your child gets to choose from several different areas, all of which enhance and reinforce literacy activities such as reading, writing and spelling.
One of our daily's is our Read to Self time in which kiddos can read books from their browsing boxes or enjoy some of the many big books that we have in our room. Here you can see 2 of our friends enjoying big books, complete with fun and cool pointers. /

Another location that students can go to is our Work on Writing area. Your child can choose to work at the writing table where they can do letters, notes, stories, etc and have access to lots of different papers and resources including a Glenbrook address book. Here you can see one of our classmates working on a letter to Mr. Zurko while the other is working on a Santa story.
Another option for Work on Writing is to use the app, iDiary to write their thoughts. This app is very kid friendly and allows students to import pictures, add stickers and even add their own drawing to the journal entries. 

Word Work is another area that students can choose. In this area your child works with our sight words for the week or word chunks that we are working on. We have multiple hands on ways to work with words including bingo daubers, popsicle sticks, word searches, playdough, and Roll and Write activities. Students are also able to use the Smartboard to practice their sorts and play a sight word game. This typically is a well loved area as there is something for everyone in this station.

Our last 2 stations are Listen to Reading and Read to Someone. I'll grab some more pics one of these days soon and give you a little more information about these 2 areas as well.

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