Tuesday, December 9, 2014


We've been working our doubles facts in math for the past week. We've watched the 2 videos below multiple to help us with these facts in addition to playing several different doubles games. Doubles to 5 seem to pretty solid, but doubles 6-9 are a bit tricky for us yet. 
We have several visuals to help us as well.
Double 1= eyes
Double 2= dog
Double 3= Soda bottles
Double 4= Spider legs
Double 5= hands
Double 6= egg carton
Double 7= calendar (2 weeks)
Double 8= crayon box
Double 9= Semi-truck - 18 wheeler

Here are several games that you can download for free to play at home as well.
Doubles Slides and Ladders

Double Trouble

Race to Rudolph (Doubles)

Down the Chimney (Doubles +1)

Here's a fun Christmas themed project you can do too.
Doubles Trees (doubles and doubles +1s)

Have fun!!!!

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