Wednesday, December 10, 2014

We have email!

I am excited to report that we have finally added email to our iPads!!! No need to worry about receiving 500 emails from your child in a week, the main purpose for us having email on our iPads is for us to be able to share our creations with you. I do have strict expectations regarding the use of email and your child is only allowed to email myself and their parents. Emails will generally be a project  or creation that your child will send you and must have approval from me or another adult in our room before being sent. Students who do not adhere to the expectations will get a reminder and a 2nd chance but if issues continue, their email will be removed from their iPad as we are working to become responsible digital citizens.

As we become more proficient at learning how and when to send our creations we'd love to have you write back. At this point, I have not taught your child how to check their actual email account on the iPad as we are simply using it as a way to share. Give us a couple of weeks and then feel free to respond back to your child's email. If you've already done this, no worries- please just don't expect a response back for a bit.

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