Saturday, January 31, 2015

How Many Legs?

This week in math we worked on facts to 10 and will be learning a new strategy called, Making Ten to help us with our facts to 20. We also began working on 3 digit addition (4+3+7) using this Making Ten strategy.  We added the 7 and 3 together first to make "an easy shmeesy ten" which then makes adding the 4 simple. Have your hcild show you how this strategy works by asking them the following: 2+3+8 or 6+8+4. Remind them to find "the easy shmeesy 10"
We did a great problem solving activity this week as well where kiddos were given pictures of various animals that all had a different amount of legs (from snakes with none to fleas with 6, spiders with 8, geese with 2 and of course, DOGS!) Partners had to make as many combinations of 10 legs as they could using their pictures and then also writing the math sentence to match. The double-dog dare challenge was to find a way to use all of their pictures. There were some fantastic partner conversations going on and some great addition sentence combinations. This activity was a great stepping stone to using our Making Ten strategy in more complex situations. 

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