Sunday, February 1, 2015

Working with Word Families

This week we use a new app called, Popplet Lite to help us with our word study. During the week we worked on the short u families of -ug and -ut. On Friday we used what we knew about these sounds/families to sort and write words using the correct word family. We did this on Popplet by creating a box (a popple) for each word family. With each word, your child had to decide which word family was needed to make the word and then they attached a new popple (box) to the correct family and wrote the word themselves.
If you decide to try this app at home, the link is above. You are only able to create one Popplet at a time with the lite version. We simply take a screen shot of creations when we are done and then we're able to start a new Popplet. There is also a paid version here for $4.99 which allows you to create multiple Popplet boards.

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