Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Go Noodle!

Spread out around the room for GoNoodle!
Have you heard of Go Noodle? We use this website during the day when our brains need a break or our bodies need a little get up and go. We call these "Brain Breaks" Our class has a champ (a little monster) named McPufferson who we are trying to grow into a full sized monster. Every time we earn 10 points on the meter we get to send our Champ to the Transmogrifier! Today we accomplished that goal! We are now working towards our 2nd set of 10 points to send McPufferson back so he can grow a little more.
Enjoying Pop See Ko
Our favorite Brain Break video right now is Pop See Ko. Ask your child about it, or check it out at home. GoNoodle is a free site and your child may enjoy it at home as well.

Today's Dog of the Day was Cody! We found out the Cody likes Minecraft. He also has a German Shepard/ Beagle mix dog. We learned that Cody's y sounds like an E and that his name has 2 syllables like Noah and Eden's names. We're starting to wonder if all of our names will have 2 syllables. Seems a little fishy!

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