Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Mystery Number Skype

Last week we met a class from Peculiar, Missouri on a Google Hangout. We played a game of Mystery Number together to practice our place value skills and number sense. Each class chose a mystery number and then the other class had to ask questions to figure out the number. We asked questions such as: "Does your number have a   4   in the tens/ones place?" and "Is your number more/less than ___ ?" As we made our guess the other class told us yes or no and we recorded our guesses on the 100s chart. This time we did recorded as a class to get the hang of how the game works but next time we will each have our own 100 grid to keep track of our guesses on. It was a lot of fun and really helped us to put our math skills to work in an authentic way. We're hoping AirServer works next time so we can project our iPad onto the SMARTboard instead of having to watch on the iPad itself. One glitch fixed, one to go. :-)
Asking the other class questions
about where they live

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