Friday, October 16, 2015

Partner power

Lots of partner work going on today. On Spanish we are learning weather words. Groups of 3 worked on using an app called Word Cloud today to show various weather words. Ask your child to share the weather words with you from the Smartboard picture.

In math the past few days, we  have been working on building numbers and finding the difference between "teen" numbers and "ty" number- thirTEEN vs. thirTY. 
We say, "t,t,ty- t,t,10" 
Building numbers on a 10 frame has also helped us to see and understand this concept better.

To help your child with this concept- tell or show them a number and have them tell you how many 10 and 1s. (Ie: How many groups of 10 in 53?)

You can also turn it around and ask them"What number is _____ tens and _____ ones (IE: What is 3 tens and 7 ones)

IN addition to recognizing the 10s and 1s we are also working on writing number names. This has been tricky for many of us as we are having trouble remembering when to use teen vs. ty  (teen numbers are throwing us off since you SAY the ones number first. Here's an example of what the problems look like in our math book. Any additional help you can offer your child at home creating problems similar to these and practicing at home would be extremely helpful and appreciated.

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