Monday, October 19, 2015

Fire Safety

We talked about Fire Safety last week as part of our Health curriculum. We watched the Fire Safety video on  Brain Pop Jr as part of lesson. If you'd like to watch at home to review the information with your child, please just click on the image above and enter the Glenbrook username and password. If you are not sure of the username and password, please  send me an email or note and I will get it to you. Since this is a subscription service, I am not able to post it online for all to see. We also read several books and had some good discussions about Fire Safety. We are hoping to Skype with a firefighter from a Green Bay fire station this next week to get a tour of the fire department and find out what life is like for a firefighter who works a 24 hour shift. 

We also wrote fire safety tips this week. Please check your child's digital SeeSaw portfolio to see their tip and hear them read it. Our class' tips are also posted in the hall for all to enjoy as well.

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