Thursday, October 22, 2015

Wants and needs

Has your child told you about Mr Sip? Mr. Sip is our Junior Achievement volunteer but when he's not spending time with us he works for Immel  Construction as the company's Controller (we found out that this means he works with the money).

 He will be coming on Tuesday afternoons for 5 weeks to talk to us about families and communities. This week as part of his visit we learned about wants and needs. After his visit we reflected on what we  learned using the SeeSaw app. I hope you got the chance to listen to your child's reflection. 

Looking for another way to reinforce this concept at home? Give your child a magazine and have them cut out pictures of items that are wants versus needs and sort and glue them on to a piece of paper. Have them explain the reason that they placed each item in the spot that they did. 

On Thursday of this week we also took part in the Apple Crunch activity- in fact, the entire school took part. Every student at Glenbrook got an apple and we all "crunched in". Thank you to a couple of our local orchards for donating the apples!!!! They were delicious!

Please remember that we do not have school this week Thursday or Friday.

We have a busy week in front of us with a Global Pumpkin Seed Project as one of our activities. We will be estimating, using our tens and ones math skills to count pumpkin seeds, in addition to comparing our information with a class in Indiana. We'll be sure to keep you posted on this special project on both our class Twitter feed as it's happening as well as on the blog later that day.

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