Wednesday, October 28, 2015

What an exciting day! We took part in a global online project in which we had to predict the number of seeds in a pumpkin. We started by weighing our pumpkins and also estimating how many seeds were in each. We then split into groups and began checking our predictions. 
After we scooped all of the seeds out of the pumpkins to the delight of most, but groans from some, we began to talk about how we would go about counting all of the seeds. We had some great discussion, and in the end, decided that it would best and easiest if we put our seeds into piles of 10s to start with.  

The groups then began to work collaboratively to count their seed piles. After passing the 100 mark some found it difficult to go on, so we discussed what happens when you get 10 piles of 10 and how many that is. We were then able to combine more of our piles which made the counting even easier. This was a great strategy as it is exactly what we have been focusing on in math. In the end, one of our pumpkins had 3 piles of a hundred, 5 piles of 10 and 8 extra ones. Using this information, we were able to quickly figure out that the pumpkin had 358 seeds.

This is what we looked like to Mrs. White's class- that's us
on the big screen!
When we were done, we did a Google Hangout (a video call on the computer) with Mrs. White's class in Indiana to compare our pumpkin sizes and seed predictions. We then played a game of Mystery Number to find out how many seeds were actually in their pumpkin. 
It was a great collaborative activity both in class and with Mrs. White's class and was also fantastic way for us to work on problem solving skills, predicting, counting by 10s and 1s, all while using technology to enhance our learning.

This afternoon we put on our costumes, played a game of Roll-a-pumpkin, enjoyed some Halloween stories courtesy of our mystery reader and enjoyed some lots of treats! Like all fun things, it all came to end too quickly, but we still had a fantastic time. You'll find some more pics of our activities in the slide show below. Enjoy!!!


  1. What a fun way to celebrate Halloween! I love seeing all of the students counting the seeds and having fun in the costumes! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Loved the video! Im sure they all had a great time divging into those pumpkins!!! Thank u cor sharing with us!