Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Week 2 and doin' great

We've been working hard this week to start putting our routines into place. 
Today we learned how to use a new app called Word Bingo. This will be an app that we will use during a part of our day called Word Work. This app is a fantastic and engaging way for students to practice their sight words. The kiddos picked up on how to use the app quite quickly and other than the blips and bleeps from the app itself, you could have almost heard a pin drop in the room.  

We've been learning a new tip or trick with the iPads each day. It's exciting to watch how engaged everyone is when using them. Today, as simple as it was, we learned how to fold the covers back so that the iPads sat on an incline. You would have thought I had given everyone $10. 

We have also been using the iPads to check the weather each day and to check to see what we should wear each day to go along with the weather using an app called, IDress for the Weather

If you're interested in checking any of these apps out, please click the links to go to the app store. We'll also take a peek at these at our upcoming Parent Tech night as well.

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