Thursday, December 6, 2012

Sight Words Tech'd Out

Last week we started using our iPads to practice our weekly sight words. As I mentioned in a previous post, during our Daily 5 word work time each child is practicing their sight words by using an app called Magnetic Alphabet. The sheet below is what your child uses to help them navigate through the app and to save their work. Before conferences we will be taking each of the sight words we saved and adding them to a sight word folder in our Photos area and then your child will share them with you at conferences in a slideshow format. They are doing a fantastic job independently changing their backgrounds, writing their words, and saving them!
Each week after your child has done their 5 words, they will bring home the sheet you see below. Feel free to have them write these words at home for extra practice if you'd like or if you have the app, have them show you how we do it.

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