Saturday, February 27, 2016

FACTastic apps for math fact practice

We are continuing to work on using strategies such as count on, doubles, and making ten to help us more efficiently know our facts. As fact strategy usage improves, fact fluency (the ability to know facts accurately and quickly) also improves. It's just like reading, you have to know the letters and sounds, then be able to put those sounds together into words. As those skills improve, reading fluency improves! We're getting MUCH better at counting on facts (those that add 1, 2, or 3) and the fluency shows it. Doubles are coming along as well. 

Parent often ask what they can do at home and so today I am sharing a couple of ideas. First, flashcards can be a good tool, but the simple memorization of a fact when flashed isn't what we're looking for. Show your child the card and then start by asking "Which strategy would be the best to use?" Asking your child this question will get them to think about the problem mathematically and better prepare them to find the answer. Guide them to use that strategy. Here's a post on the make 10 strategy, here's a post for doubles.

Another wonderful option if you have an iPad are the 2 apps below. These obviously don't take the place of good instruction, but they are a WONDERFUL complement. Both of these apps have been put together in a way that is not only engaging and educational, but they teach the same 3 strategies that we work on here at school!!! BONUS!!

We are currently using Addimals at school and the kids love it. The developer also has an app for subtraction which is our current focus. You can find both apps below. I highly recommend them and feel that they are both worth the $2.99 price. Link are below if you are interested in checking them out.  If you are interested in purchasing both, I've also included a link that will give you a bundle price and save you a little money. 
Addimals: $2.99

Subtractimals: $2.99

Addition/Subtraction Bundle $4.99 

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